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These posts are written by John Moran of Cardinal Financial Company and designed to educate consumers and real estate agents on the basics of home mortgage loans.

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"I recommend John completely. I came across John's name on a search for reasonable jumbo loans. I have a large home and when I purchased it, one of my two loans was mostly interest paying and would have ballooned in another year or two. I had been hoping to find a new solution to re-finance all in a big jumbo loan but my credit was just on the bubble. John responded immediately, and found an amazing possibility that we locked in and moved through a number of pieces to close in a short period of time. As questions came up John always immediately responded with detailed answers, and really broke down the pieces for me so I understood the choices and was able to secure an amazing low-interest loan. I can say my family has great security knowing there is no balloon payment waiting to take away our house some day. Thanks John."
- Sasha B

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